How is Premature Ejaculation treated?

Although a few men have stated that using more than one condom has helped them to last longer in bed, this practice has been strongly discouraged as the friction occurring in-between the condom themselves have often been found to result in breakage thus increasing the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.  For the full list of PE treatments, I went to    and but the best of it i have written below:

Other options used by some men to treat their premature ejaculation include trying different positions during intercourse, tantric sex, and possibly engaging in behavioral therapy, counseling or a sexuality workshop with a professional held in a safe and supportive environment to help reduce the level of anxiety associated with premature ejaculation.

Sex Positions Effect

Notably the positions in which couples have sex can have an impact on premature ejaculation. In a recent study, the most popular position in the United States today is the missionary position, which oddly enough is the most common position associated with premature ejaculation.


This was primarily attributed to the increase in muscular tension as the male supports his total body weight using his biceps and core strength. Is was additionally found that some men who were looking for ways to cure their premature ejaculation realized that in engaging in sexual positions limiting muscular tension such as spooning, female on top or doggy style while incorporating deep breathing to enhance the blood flow offered some relief in allowing them to prolong the sexual activity.


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