Treating Premature ejaculation with Deep breathing

MY personal advice for Treating Premature ejaculation with Deep breathing

Sometimes I’m not sure about giving my personal recommendation but to be honest, what other info is worth sharing?  It’s also a tricky situation and of course every situation is unique.  With this in mind take what i say with a pinch of salt and common sense. For more in depth look in to the subject, take a look at 

Often recommended for individuals when exposed to high levels of stress, the art of deep breathing has been proven as an effective measure used for men to help control the level of tension and excitement during the sexual activity that can often result in premature ejaculation. I also got some more good info from The Guardian.

By practising to avoid short, shallow breathing known for increasing the heart rate and subsequent premature ejaculation the man should learn to take deep breaths hold for at least 3 seconds then exhale for 5 seconds.


Once he is able to consistently perform this deep rhythmic breathing for a period of 5 minutes he will be able to utilize this method during the sexual activity to increase his sex time and control his premature ejaculation inevitably rekindling the intimate connection with his sexual partner.


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