Make any girl want to love you

The question of how to make a girl love you is a difficult one to answer, especially in a blog post, and especially without knowing the intricacies of a given situation.  Are you a girl or boy? Is it platonic or romantic love you seek? Is it the love of approval from a family member or the love of a faceless crowd across the internet… who knows! But I shall attempt to write a little about it in the hope hat I may be of some assistance. IF you are reading this then perhaps you find the topic of interest.

Girls are thought to fall head over heels in love and lose all (any) sense of rationality they once had, but in my experience it is quite often the boy who can fall in love too fast and too deep, and not be emotionally strong enough to take the inevitable fall and get back on his feet.  As such, this advice is just as pertinent for the male as well as female readers amongst us.

I came across one website which was called and it got me thinking – there are so many people giving all sorts of advice about dating and relationships… it’s difficult to know what is the best advice! So much conflicting information for the young internet love seekers that spend more time learning online from unknown sources than with teachers or parents.  In many cases, can teachers, parents or other community leaders be trusted to give good advice to 18 year old’s regarding sex and relationships? Is there sheltering from such subjects now seen as dishonest by a subset of society that has infinite, unsolicited opinions available to them at the press of a mouse? Maybe there is some good advice to be found if you dig through the haystack to find the needle – there was one page on that site that did have some really good advice for some situations, but then the rest might well be questionable.  Take a look at the look at the What To Say To A Girl That You Like  page which talks about a pandoras box system and how people are using to get with women.  In any case i guess all there is to it is to educate people to become more critical in their thinking and appraisal of digital content, in a  world where censorship is lost and legal controls are distanced, self censorship and curation of content are required.  It is too easy and natural to surf until you find data that backs up and fits in with the way you view the world. Instead we should seek to find views that are contrary to what we believe, evaluate them dispassionately, and then move on, discarding them if they are still deemed to be unworthy of our time after consideration.  The mere insinuation that someone could make any girl want to fuck is surely to be taken with due scepticism, the language used being crass, eliciting attention in an overcrowded advertising digital landscape.  I implore al people of all ages reading this to carefully evaluate all online content, all content for that matter – and to be aware of the motivations of media proponents – most of what media is consumed is disseminated with intention and it quite naive to believe what you read – develop critical, dispassionate and aware reading of all media.  Then you can enjoy all the benefits of access to such a large amount of information. :)

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