Using Vitamins and Supplements to treat Premature ejaculation

Here is my post on using Vitamins and Supplements to treat Premature ejaculation.

I prefer to go for natural approaches like those below, but you can always get more info from .

You might think cloves etc is mad, but i got this stuff from WebMD.


The oils found in cloves have been traditionally used as a remedy for bad breath, intestinal gas, vomiting and upset stomach. The clove when directly applied to the gums is effectively used to control pain during dental work. When combined with other ingredients the clove can be topically applied to the penis to help prevent men from ejaculating prematurely.


The Dong Quai Plant

Primarily found in Southeast Asia where it is mainly used for menstrual cramps in women, dong quai when taken orally is also used as a blood purifier to treat joint pain, hypertension, ulcers, constipation and loss of skin color. Dong quai when used as part of a multi-ingredient with a number of other compounds is also applicable to the skin of the penis to control premature ejaculation.


Ginseng Panax

The root of the Ginseng plant has traditionally been used as a form of medication for improving concentration, physical stamina and athletic endurance. Commonly used as a means of coping with stress the Panax of the ginseng has customarily been used as an included ingredient in a number of products by some men on the skin of the penis for treating premature ejaculation.

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